Saturday, March 27, 2010

Freaky Friday!!

Ready or not, here's another installment of W.W.T.T?, or Friday thrift store horrors! The shopping trip started off badly, and by that I mean we didn't see anything too monstrous. We are getting really confused about our shopping goals, well, besides having fun! Are we looking for really good bad things, really good things, or some combination of both? It's hard to rate our shopping expeditions, because we have such conflicting goals. However, last Friday was both good and bad; we found some great things (hooray) and some bad things (hooray).

Here is the first good bad thing we came across, after going through about two thirds of the thrift store. Thank goodness we saw it; I for one was starting to panic! Although, how you could miss this chubby gilded cherub is beyond me. No really, what home would be complete without one? The mind boggles at the room it must have graced with it's presence, the boudoir perhaps?

Then, right near it was this lovely oil painting. I don't think it would have been so painful if it had been about one fourth its size--and framed differently. Thankfully for this blog, the artist didn't chose to go that way:

The funny thing is, that with judicious cropping, it actually might not be too bad, well maybe, if you like pink. ( We should talk!)

At another thrift store we saw this homemade (at least I hope so) Southwest wall hanging:

You know, I kind of like wall hangings, but this one just went a little too far. Please consider the following closeup:

Gotta love those fuzzy cacti? Not to mention the lovely flowers all over it. ( For those not from the Southwest, the flowers are always on top of the arms!) Less is almost always more! We have been noticing a lot of southwest-type decor in thrift stores lately. Guess it isn't going to be back in fashion anytime soon ;-)

While walking by a shelf in the same thrift store our eyes were assaulted by the following item:

It looks so innocent, just a cow. Now you also need to know it was about 10" tall, so this is no tiny bit of bric-a-brac. Then you notice the colors, the lines around its nostrils, the horns and udder. What exactly is going on here? Yes, I know that female cattle can have horns, but usually milk cows have their horns removed to prevent injury. Beloved Husband remarked that the similarity between its eyes and nostrils is disconcerting; are there four eyes, four nostrils??? And this poor bewildered cow put me in mind of something we saw last week but didn't post:

This little fella really bugs me. Are they trying to scare the children out of believing in the Easter Bunny? In reality he is a horrible pink--kind of Pepto Bismol pink, which come to think of it, is kind of appropriate considering all the candy some kids eat at Easter. Then look at all the detail in his eyes, his nose is a different color than his fur, but less detail than the eyes. Now, look at his teeth, one of the noble rabbit's identifying characteristics, they are the same color as his fur, as his ears! That's just wrong!!

As always, hope you enjoyed our post. Please feel free to email us your pics of thrift store/garage sale atrocities. We will post them and give you the, We know we aren't the only ones who notice this stuff!

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