Friday, May 21, 2010

We're moving

Hey Everyone,

We hope that we have some readers.... Anyway, we are moving to as our host site. They just offer some different features that we wanted to try.

Anyway, here's a link to get there; please let us know what you think.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pattern Frenzy

Did we mention that we have a thing for vintage craft patterns? Well, we do. I think being the crafty Martha Stewart ( NOT) wannabes we are, that we can't resist a good pattern. Problem is, we frequently can't resist a BAD pattern. I know, if the dregs of our drawers were turned out, some horrible things would come to light. I decided to come clean on a recent purchase I myself made. In my defense, I only paid 10 cents a piece for these, so it wasn't like I broke the bank dragging something like this home, but they tickled my funny bone. First up is this fun purse pattern:

Now, to be really honest the patterns aren't that bad, especially if the colors were a bit more in line with today's taste, but I really want to know what the reasoning was behind the animals in each bag. Not sure I WANT a bag that has had a chicken in it, if you know what I mean. Never mind the rabbit or the guinea pig.

Next up is this grooooovy vest pattern. I think it rather speaks for itself, but you notice how the man is unable to even look at the camera. Probably couldn't keep a straight face, or maybe he was trying for plausible deniability, "Heck no that wasn't me, I have standards!".

Come to think of it, the gal is not having much better luck. Wonder how much they had to pay for this shoot? OK, one last horrible admission, I have been toying with the idea of making these in doll size. Of course plastic can't talk back, and I would change the colors. If it happens, I will be sure and post, and one of these days, we will come clean on the doll fetish that we share as well as some of our other collecting habits.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Freaky Friday Redux

I'm not sure if the planets were in alignment, the tide was high, or if it was the influence of the new moon, but there was some wild stuff out there Friday!

First up is a trio that taken separately might not constitute a crime against man and nature, but grouped together was painful viewing, at least to us. Again, I ask the folks who make this stuff, what have you got against shells?

Dude, seriously, topiaries? This is a real "what were they thinking?" moment. Check the prices: I think at $6.99 each for the topiaries, and I don't care what price they put on the shell/vase combo, these items will not be adopted even at half price.

Next, we have two flower arrangements, and I say this advisedly. We saw them, and will testify that they were arrangements, just not good ones.

Okay, who ever did this should have saved their thread, that's all I'm gonna say.

¡Ay caramba! Where do you start with this? The nasty flowers? Nah, not bad enough! You should probably know by now that we aren't big cherub fans, at least in home decor. I love all the putti and cherubs that fly in paintings found in museums, ceilings like in the Sistine Chapel, etc. Cherubs with some sort of infectious skin problem added onto a clunky vase? NO, NO, NO, this should not be allowed. No really, look closely, he has GOLD spots!

After this we were feeling a little fragile, but the next aisle contained still more weird stuff.

The second picture gives you a better indication of this bowl's size and color. It doesn't give us any clues as to why someone felt compelled to buy this, or what they used it for. Bad monkeys are becoming as numerous as hideous clowns, what is the deal with that? We refuse to take pictures of clowns; it just encourages them.

There was more, but it was fabric stuff again, so we should probably save it for another post. Maybe one huge post about all the god-awful fabric we see. Before doing this sort of compendium of awfulness, we should probably research whether it would break the internet. ;- )

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Friday Finds--We just aren't saying which Friday!

Here it is Tuesday, and I'm just writing the Friday Finds post. There really isn't any valid excuse, but I'm blaming the weather! If the wind would stop blowing for 5 minutes, I could think straight. Thankfully, the wind has died down, and now it's supposed to snow and we could get up to 7 inches, if you believe Weather Underground. Now that I've distracted you from why I didn't get the post done last Friday, let's get 'er done. ;- )

Well, this is hard to believe, but there really wasn't anything horribly ugly last week. I know! Who would have thunk it? Usually we are spoiled for choice, but this last shopping trip was more pitiful than criminal. We don't make fun of those kind of items, we took an oath. So, instead, we are showcasing some fabric-related items from previous weeks.

This piece of fabric would not be suitable for anything! I wouldn't even make a pillow for a daycare out of it--wretched stuff.

Why would anyone put coats of arms on that color background? Additionally, if you wanted that color of fabric (why??), would coats of arms be the decorating theme you're using? Either way you look at it, there really isn't any reason to ever want this fabric, and so it's presence in the thrift store is explained.

Next up is some wonderful polyester material. Now there was a time that polyester was the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you had spent your life ironing cotton and linen, polyester would be a god-send. Hence, all the little old ladies loved it; even after the younger, hipper crowd moved on. But, only Mesmer's grandmother would wear this pattern:

I'm being hypnotized just looking at it.

The next two beauties were made by someone's aunt, granny, mother who was challenged when it comes to color combinations. These are the people that color wheels are made for, tragically they never use them.

Well, I think that is about all the ugly we can impose on the internet today. As always, if you can top these fabric faux pas, put your money where your mouth is and send us a picture. We WILL post it, believe you me!

Book Corner

Hi there, this a procrastination blog post since we didn't find anything horrible last Friday. It was my job to look through all of our reserved pictures to do a Friday Finds post. Unfortunately I'm a coward and procrastinator, which can be a deadly combination. So, instead of doing the Friday post first, I'm doing a book review, with a bonus thrown in for good measure.

I promised in the Spaghetti Poodle post to review the only known book on the subject (at least according to Amazon): Spaghetti Art Ware Poodles and other Collectible Ceramics by Wanda Gessner.

Amazon has new and used copies, I ordered it and paid about $20, including shipping. First off, I would be suspicious of the pricing guide since the book was published in 1998. We all know that with the uncertain economy, prices ain't what they used to be. The author reproduces the marks and paper tags and lists manufacturers and importers in the introduction. She also includes a brief description of common materials used--porcelain, red clay, or ceramic material, along with a brief description of production techniques. For those of you who have been wondering, the spaghetti is made by pushing ceramic, clay, or porcelain through a tea strainer or similar device and pressing it onto the body, or swirling it to make curly fur. The figure is fired after the painted decoration is added. Often, these figures are only fired once, which would explain why the paint is often chipped or flaky.

After the brief introduction, the book features 101 pages of pictures and descriptions, lots and lots of pictures (400 +) which is just what collectors like. The first section details spaghetti poodles and dogs, then other animals, holiday figurines, and finally miscellaneous. Through the whole book, I looked for my poodles, and found one or two, but for the most part my collection wasn't in her collection. Which makes me wonder how many more spaghetti artifacts are out there.

If spaghetti art ware is your thing, then I would recommend this book; especially since spaghetti ware books are few and far between. It isn't a complete description of what is out there, but it's better than nothing.

The next review is of an excellent guide to jewelry called appropriately enough fun jewelry by Nancy Schiffer.

This book was published in 1991, so again the price guide isn't accurate. But as the editorial review states, " Fun Jewelry contains over 400 beautiful color photographs showing over 1000 pieces and an explanatory text which identifies all marked pieces". Amazon has it for sale for about $9 (used) + shipping. This is a must have book for people who enjoy jewelry, whether it's vintage costume or the real deal. This book details "fun" jewelry made by most important designers including: Tiffany, Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels. It also describes "costume" jewelry made by Eisenberg, Miriam Haskell, Trifari, or Sarah Coventry. It has something for everyone.

There are about 150 pages of pictures, lots of pictures along with descriptions. The jewelry is classified by subject, so there is a "Swimmers" section with fish, amphibians, etc., a "People" section with human associated subjects, "Beasts" with animals, "High Flyers" with bird jewelry and so on. This book is amazing in its collections and pictures. I'm sure it isn't complete; there have been so many jewelry makers over the years, but it isn't from a lack of trying. I would highly recommend this to anyone with an interest in jewelry.