Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday's Funtastic Finds

For a change, we are starting off with something GOOD!! I know that it's almost impossible to believe, but we have our reasons. We need to balance our shopping karma; if we don't show some nice things, we may come back as dung beetles in our next lives.

The crab apple trees in the parking lot are blooming their hearts out! This is even more amazing when you consider how they were rudely snowed on just yesterday. The lines of trees, all a mass of white, fragrant flowers, are so beautiful! See, we can appreciate beauty when we see it!

So much for karmic maintenance. The next item is so awful that my camera would not focus on it, probably in self-defense. Sorry for the blurry pics. If it's there next week, HA HA, we can take a pic with Kathy's superior camera. I'm sure that you can tell a little something about this even through the blur.

The idea of a desk clock with a lizard on it is basically cool with me. What makes this a "fail" item is the ugly gold leaf the lizard is perched upon. The two together are just ghastly, which is hard to tell from these crappy pictures! The one good thing about it is its size, small, less visual assault that way.

I think we are on a vacation rampage lately. We keep finding weird chotskies that people drag home from vacation. If I were a recipient of such a gift, my thought would be, "I wish you would have spent the money on another drink at that overpriced beach bar". It's never a surprise that these items show up at thrift stores and garage sales.

Ok, is it some sort of mask maybe, or a local god... hmmm? BUT it is made of shells as you can clearly see in the second picture. My question is, what did that shell ever do to you?

I remember this next decorative item being popular in the 1970's, or around there. They have made periodic return performances from time to time, but this example was never very good.

It's huge for a start. The red ribbon board behind and to the right is 25.5 inches tall, so this ship is around 3 feet! As if that weren't bad enough, it's flimsy and cheap. If it were really brass, you would need a couple of well placed screws in the wall to hang it. I suspect a thumbtack would be adequate for this, if you were sure it's the finishing touch your living room needs. If this is the case, be sure and let us know, as I am positive it will still be available for purchase next week.

OMG we are going end with something relatively good; I can feel the yin and yang of our shopping souls re-balancing as I post this.

We both have fairly substantial brooch collections; we like pins. In each of our collections, there are pins that defy explanation. The best way I can put it, is, their presence has more to do with humor than goodness or quality. My weird pins are usually flowers, and Kathy's are cats or other animals. We found this prime example of a Kathy pin today.

When I asked her what she liked about it, she said, to the best of my recollection, "His feet are so cute!". I have to agree, he does have cute feet ;- ) In my defense, I believe the feet were the closer on this item. I am particularly fond of goofy animal pins, and the orange and pink on this fella just screams late 60's/70s. It also helped that he was half price ( $1.50) instead of full price which would have been just too much. It is also a signed piece ( I didn't know that at the time, so really, that is no excuse!) marked LG for Lind Gal jewelry.

Well, we will try to get a better picture of the lizard clock next week. Other than that problem, we had a super day at the thrift stores, followed by a bang-up lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant. Ah... Fridays are grand.

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