Saturday, May 15, 2010

Freaky Friday Redux

I'm not sure if the planets were in alignment, the tide was high, or if it was the influence of the new moon, but there was some wild stuff out there Friday!

First up is a trio that taken separately might not constitute a crime against man and nature, but grouped together was painful viewing, at least to us. Again, I ask the folks who make this stuff, what have you got against shells?

Dude, seriously, topiaries? This is a real "what were they thinking?" moment. Check the prices: I think at $6.99 each for the topiaries, and I don't care what price they put on the shell/vase combo, these items will not be adopted even at half price.

Next, we have two flower arrangements, and I say this advisedly. We saw them, and will testify that they were arrangements, just not good ones.

Okay, who ever did this should have saved their thread, that's all I'm gonna say.

¡Ay caramba! Where do you start with this? The nasty flowers? Nah, not bad enough! You should probably know by now that we aren't big cherub fans, at least in home decor. I love all the putti and cherubs that fly in paintings found in museums, ceilings like in the Sistine Chapel, etc. Cherubs with some sort of infectious skin problem added onto a clunky vase? NO, NO, NO, this should not be allowed. No really, look closely, he has GOLD spots!

After this we were feeling a little fragile, but the next aisle contained still more weird stuff.

The second picture gives you a better indication of this bowl's size and color. It doesn't give us any clues as to why someone felt compelled to buy this, or what they used it for. Bad monkeys are becoming as numerous as hideous clowns, what is the deal with that? We refuse to take pictures of clowns; it just encourages them.

There was more, but it was fabric stuff again, so we should probably save it for another post. Maybe one huge post about all the god-awful fabric we see. Before doing this sort of compendium of awfulness, we should probably research whether it would break the internet. ;- )

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