Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pattern Frenzy

Did we mention that we have a thing for vintage craft patterns? Well, we do. I think being the crafty Martha Stewart ( NOT) wannabes we are, that we can't resist a good pattern. Problem is, we frequently can't resist a BAD pattern. I know, if the dregs of our drawers were turned out, some horrible things would come to light. I decided to come clean on a recent purchase I myself made. In my defense, I only paid 10 cents a piece for these, so it wasn't like I broke the bank dragging something like this home, but they tickled my funny bone. First up is this fun purse pattern:

Now, to be really honest the patterns aren't that bad, especially if the colors were a bit more in line with today's taste, but I really want to know what the reasoning was behind the animals in each bag. Not sure I WANT a bag that has had a chicken in it, if you know what I mean. Never mind the rabbit or the guinea pig.

Next up is this grooooovy vest pattern. I think it rather speaks for itself, but you notice how the man is unable to even look at the camera. Probably couldn't keep a straight face, or maybe he was trying for plausible deniability, "Heck no that wasn't me, I have standards!".

Come to think of it, the gal is not having much better luck. Wonder how much they had to pay for this shoot? OK, one last horrible admission, I have been toying with the idea of making these in doll size. Of course plastic can't talk back, and I would change the colors. If it happens, I will be sure and post, and one of these days, we will come clean on the doll fetish that we share as well as some of our other collecting habits.

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