Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Friday Finds--We just aren't saying which Friday!

Here it is Tuesday, and I'm just writing the Friday Finds post. There really isn't any valid excuse, but I'm blaming the weather! If the wind would stop blowing for 5 minutes, I could think straight. Thankfully, the wind has died down, and now it's supposed to snow and we could get up to 7 inches, if you believe Weather Underground. Now that I've distracted you from why I didn't get the post done last Friday, let's get 'er done. ;- )

Well, this is hard to believe, but there really wasn't anything horribly ugly last week. I know! Who would have thunk it? Usually we are spoiled for choice, but this last shopping trip was more pitiful than criminal. We don't make fun of those kind of items, we took an oath. So, instead, we are showcasing some fabric-related items from previous weeks.

This piece of fabric would not be suitable for anything! I wouldn't even make a pillow for a daycare out of it--wretched stuff.

Why would anyone put coats of arms on that color background? Additionally, if you wanted that color of fabric (why??), would coats of arms be the decorating theme you're using? Either way you look at it, there really isn't any reason to ever want this fabric, and so it's presence in the thrift store is explained.

Next up is some wonderful polyester material. Now there was a time that polyester was the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you had spent your life ironing cotton and linen, polyester would be a god-send. Hence, all the little old ladies loved it; even after the younger, hipper crowd moved on. But, only Mesmer's grandmother would wear this pattern:

I'm being hypnotized just looking at it.

The next two beauties were made by someone's aunt, granny, mother who was challenged when it comes to color combinations. These are the people that color wheels are made for, tragically they never use them.

Well, I think that is about all the ugly we can impose on the internet today. As always, if you can top these fabric faux pas, put your money where your mouth is and send us a picture. We WILL post it, believe you me!

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